Day 3 of Daily Harvest

IMG_1636Didn’t happen. When you wake up on a bright Saturday morning and your new husband surprises you with homemade pancakes, you skip the diet and have a cheat day – no matter how early into the diet you are.

My husband won my affections by making me pancakes when we first started dating/talking (whatever the kids call it) over ten years ago. His secret is he makes them from scratch – not from a box. His mama, a sassy, Southern lady, taught him how and it is still the best thing he can cook. They always turn out irresistibly fluffy, warm, and delicious – nothing like my pancakes.

IMG_1641He frequently gets excited and creative with his pancakes too – and, when he does, we end up with a huge spread of pancakes of different flavors. This past Saturday was one of those special days and, coffee in hand, I sat down to a table heaped with vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon pancakes.

Along with the usual butter and syrup, he added to the table peanut butter, Nutella, and jelly to enjoy as toppings. It was a lovely, sweet, and special way to break my diet – and we carried the indulgence into the evening, because, why not?

For dinner, we went to Papadeaux with a friend of ours. Sure, I could have ordered a light option on the menu, but I didn’t. True to my usual lack of self control, I ordered lobster bisque and a side salad – and it was magnificent!

We had a terrific time at dinner – visiting and eating food that wasn’t completely healthy – so, when it was done, instead of going home, we went to the movies to see Glass.

IMG_1661I LOVE spontaneous date nights (what woman doesn’t?)! They make me so happy! And I love going to the movies with my honey. It was a toss between watching the new Spiderman and Glass, but Glass won out with the rationale that we both loved Split and it looked like it would be a great show with a psych thriller bent. Who am I kidding? I pushed for Glass. There wasn’t much discussion about it either. I announced that I wanted to see it and, even though he really wanted to see the new Spiderman, Andy smiled and said, “Sounds great, dear.”

By the end of of the movie, we could both agree that, though it wasn’t awful, we should have chosen Spiderman. Glass just never reached its full potential and ended up being a pretty boring movie overall.

It was still a sensational Saturday – and a nice break from the diet.

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I’m Jaimi-Lynn. My amazing husband, Andy, and I live in Austin with our beautiful daughter, Keira, and our nine-pound Shih-Tzu, Gigi. So far during our time together, we have traveled across country in a RV, lived a year aboard a houseboat on Lake Travis, flipped a house, started two business, and now we are excited to embark on the greatest adventure of all – parenthood! It is better to be busy than bored, right?

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