Day 1 of Daily Harvest

I recently married the love of my life in a quick, wonderful ceremony that took only a week and a half to plan. Seriously!  Since I didn’t get to have my freak-out, bridal diet moment pre-wedding, I seem to be hitting it full force post-wedding. Works out nicely since it coincides with everyone else’s New Year’s Resolution freak-out dieting.

Conveniently, New Year’s brings with it a plethora of diets, workouts, and health trends. Fueled (or obsessed) by the new ring on my finger and the desire to begin my new married life as a healthier and slimmer version of myself, I ordered a box of Daily Harvest after seeing several advertisements for it on Facebook. If it’s on Facebook it must be great, right? If you haven’t heard of it, Daily Harvest offers subscription boxes of frozen smoothies, soups, harvest bowls, oat bowls, chia bowls, and lattes – just add liquid and blend or heat. I saw it as an easy way to get pre-portioned healthy (super) foods, since I’m not always the best at choosing these options for myself at the grocery store.

IMG_1548I chose the 24 count, monthly box, mainly so I could try several flavors at once and have a month to decide if I was interested in continuing the subscription. I enjoyed “building” my own box – I liked controlling what flavors, and how many of each of those flavors, would be in my box, especially since my main goal was to try as many of the flavors I could see myself possibly enjoying (or at least tolerating.)

The box arrived today, packed in dry ice, as promised, so all the little cups were still happily frozen. I chose a soup – Turmeric and Lemongrass – as the first to try, for dinner. It didn’t look very appetizing as it cooked. It came out of the cup in a block of icy veggies. I made a snarky comment to my husband that I planned to give this “eating healthy” a try, but I’ll probably be pissed off and starving within a week. I didn’t have high hopes for a tasty and filling dinner and was already making plans to jump on the keto diet as soon as the cups ran out. Side note: one of my best friends has been doing keto for over a year and she looks fantastic AND has amassed a collection of delicious keto friendly recipes so, my going keto may still be an option, even if Daily Harvest turns out to be a success.


Once the soup was heated, I was surprised by how good it smelled. There were chunks of mushroom and asparagus – both of which I adore. Anticipating still being hungry, I hard-boiled an egg and added it (sliced) to the soup. I sat next to my husband, who was devouring two grilled cheese sandwiches (double cheese) and a large bowl of tomato soup (with cheese sprinkled in) – and the man never gains an ounce – and put on my brave face, not sure what I was in store for taste-wise.

I was so pleasantly surprised!

The soup had a lovely spice and a nice balance of flavor to it. Also, I don’t know if it was the spices or because I added the egg, but it was actually filling! I almost couldn’t finish it – almost. I’m looking forward to whatever I pull out of the freezer for lunch tomorrow.

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I’m Jaimi-Lynn. My amazing husband, Andy, and I live in Austin with our beautiful daughter, Keira, and our nine-pound Shih-Tzu, Gigi. So far during our time together, we have traveled across country in a RV, lived a year aboard a houseboat on Lake Travis, flipped a house, started two business, and now we are excited to embark on the greatest adventure of all – parenthood! It is better to be busy than bored, right?

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