Why I Love Coffee

All you need is love… and a great cup of coffee. And, sometimes, all you need is the great cup of coffee…

In a time where women are more independent, focus more on their careers, and are waiting longer to begin families, coffee still manages to rank high in importance. I’m a prime example. I am a thirty year old unmarried woman with no children, stubborn and independent to a fault, and I still cannot face a day without coffee. I’m a slave to it.

Coffee is a substance whose addiction is passed down family lines like a priced heirloom. My family starts its younger members with “coffee-milk.” While it contains more milk than coffee, it allows them to feel like part of the gathering with a mug of their own in hand.

All important conversations are held around a coffee pot. Coffee is served at both funerals and celebrations, with cake and with bad news. Coffee is found in the homes of the rich and the poor alike. Whether its taken black, frothed, weak, strong, sweet, with cream, flavored, or a combination of these, coffee is the great equalizer.

Coffee has seen friendships created, awkward first dates shared, and break-ups survived. Business and life plans are made over strong cups of coffee. Books and poetry are written in small, noisy coffee houses while steamy cups go cold. It’s what gives us the fuel to get going and out the door to live our lives morning after morning.

No matter our independence and progression, or how we choose to live our lives, coffee will continue to be there to give us that much needed push along the way. And thank God for that.

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I’m Jaimi-Lynn. My amazing husband, Andy, and I live in Austin with our beautiful daughter, Keira, and our nine-pound Shih-Tzu, Gigi. So far during our time together, we have traveled across country in a RV, lived a year aboard a houseboat on Lake Travis, flipped a house, started two business, and now we are excited to embark on the greatest adventure of all – parenthood! It is better to be busy than bored, right?

2 thoughts on “Why I Love Coffee

  1. Beautifully put, sweet friend! When my guy told me he hated coffee, I actually wondered how long our relationship would last! Coffee is a sweet treat and a true companion to many of us 😉

    1. I very much agree! I would be nervous about a relationship with someone who didn’t like coffee too. They would have to still like wine and chocolate to have a fighting chance. If they hated all three, they are out! 🙂

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